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Welcome Area Chairs

Above you will find a video that walks you through adding proposals to the Approved List for Summer 2021 Meeting Below you will also be provided with the information, resources and links that you will need to submit your proposal.

Proposal Submission

To begin your proposal, please click on the button below. The following information is requested on the submission form:

  • Chair's First Name *
  • Chair's Last Name *
  • Sponsoring Committee *
  • Title of your Session or Workshop *
  • Organizer's First Name *
  • Organizer's Last Name *
  • Organizer's Email *
  • Organizer's Affiliation *
  • Session or Workshop Type *
  • Wish List Option
  • Comments

Fields with an * are required for your submission.

Submit for the 2021 Summer Meeting (SM21)

Submit for the 2022 Winter Meeting (WM22)

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Proposal Approval)

Once you have submitted your proposal(s), you will have a chance to approve or decline proposal. During this process you will have an oppurtunity to review co-sponsor proposals that were submitted for your committee.

To complete this task, you will need to click the button below. This will take to your proposals that are ready for approval or disapproval. You will also see that your quotas are listed at the top of the list page, so you can track your quotas as your go through the approval process. Please select View All Categories on the first page to see an accurate overview of your quotas.

Approve Proposals

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Organizers and Descriptions

Once the Program Chair has approved your proposal, your organizers can login to add your description data. During the initial submission process, you entered the name and email of your organizer. They will now be able to login to OpenWater to enter session descriptions. To review this process further, please click the button below.

Organizer Workflow

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Speakers List

Immediately after entering your session descriptions, either you or your organizer can enter the speakers list, if you are submitting an invited session. Click the button below to view proposals that still need information.

Proposals That Need Information

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Process Complete

Once you have added speakers to the speakers list, you are done with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I contact if I need assistance?
  • What do I do if I do not have all my information yet?
    • You can start proposals and save them with the information that you have. When you are ready to continue, you can select Incomplete in the left-hand sidebar.