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Welcome Organizers

Above you will find a video that walks you through adding sessions and workshop descriptions to the Approved List for Summer 2021 Meeting. Below you will also be provided with the information, resources and links that you will need to complete this task.

Adding Session/Workshop Descriptions

When you first login, you should see a message that states 'You can continue your session/workshop submissions. Click to Continue.' You will want to click on 'Click to Continue' to see the list of sessions and workshops that you have been assigned as an organizer. You will want to click edit next to each session/workshop that needs a description. The following fields will be needed for this task:

  • Organizer First Name *
  • Organizer Last Name *
  • Organizer Institute *
  • Organizer Phone *
  • Organizer Email *
  • Co-Organizer First Name
  • Co-Organizer Last Name
  • Co-Organizer Institute
  • Co-Organizer Phone
  • Co-Organizer Email
  • Presider (If Organizer is not also a presider) *
  • Sessions Specific
    • Length of Session *
    • Call for Papers Request
    • Schedule Conflicts
    • Comments, Requests, or Other Messages
  • Workshop Specific
    • Workshop Description *
    • Can this workshop be held in the conference hotel/convention center?
    • Length of Workshop *
    • Date and Time Preferences *
    • Minimum Number of Participants *
    • Maximum Number of Participants *
    • Budget
    • Equipment Needs
    • Additional Equipment Needs
    • Room Needs *
    • Additional Room Needs
    • Comments

Fields with an * are required for your submission.

Proposals That Need Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I contact if I need assistance?
  • What do I do if I do not have all my information yet?
    • You can start edits and save them with the information that you have. When you are ready to continue, you can select Needs Attention in the left-hand sidebar.